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... Splenda is another popular one, but because the body doesn't recognize, it won't digest it, and can actually make you GAIN weight. Fructose is another extract of sugar.

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... Sugar has 16 calories per spoonful, but rots your teeth, diminishes your ability to resorb calcium, is addictive, makes you fat and causes diabetes. Honey contains about 20 calories per teaspoon, but also at least 15 nutrients whereas sugar and artificial sugars have none.

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... Aspartame and PKU - This sugar substitute, sold commercially as Equal and NutraSweet, was hailed as the savior for dieters who for decades had put up with saccharine's unpleasant after taste. There are quite a few problems with aspartame.

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... i am severely addicted to sugar substitutes, initially worrying about my weight. The problem with that is, that the body thinks it's sugar, and kicks in with insulin, and tries to give you a seratonin high, like sugar can, but get's confused, because it is not sugar...

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... Sugar has a bad reputation because most people consume too much of it and don't realize it. It's hidden in our foods, so we don't even taste it.
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    The show stated Aspartame turns into METHANOL in your body and is like drinking FORMALDEHYDE! (doc 9)
    Splenda is another popular one, but because the body doesn't recognize, the body won't digest it, and can actually make you GAIN weight. (doc 1)
    The FDA has approved it for 5 mg/ Kg body weight, which is the least of all the sweeteners and comes out to 6 cans of diet cola per day. (doc 2)
    Aspartame is at the root of diseases such as: aspartame fibromaylagia, aspartame restless leg syndrome, aspartame and migraines, aspartame and vaginal irritation, aspartame and tumors, aspartame allergy, aspartame multiple sclerosis, bladder cancer aspartame, aspartame and central nervous system, aspartame& infertility, aspartame and weight control, aspartame and weight gain, and aspartame Parkinson's Disease. (doc 3)

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Document 6

... Aspartame has been the subject of controversy regarding its safety and the circumstances of its approval by the American FDA and European FSA. Aspartic acid, into which aspartame is metabolized, is a known NMDA receptor antagonist.

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Document 7

... i will try to answer all of your questions.... Yes they are really bad. they can lead to cancer and other diseases. its not hype. it's bad because when it is broken down in the body, the chemicals are toxic.

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Document 8

... Saccarin, an invention to help with the shortage of sugar durning WW2, was used to sweeten stuff. Wow, diabetics could use it too. Extremely large amounts causes cander in lab mice and rats.

Document 9

... Splenda is wonderful on strawberries and other fresh fruits, tastes great in desserts, drinks... and so far, I've not heard one negative comment about it.

Document 10

... Controlled intake of real sugar is safer for you. Don't go overboard, and naturally you have to be careful if you are diabetic. If you are baking, you can add a lot of sweetness to most things by adding dried fruit or applesauce.

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